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Dharamshala Weather

The Greater Dharamshala region has pleasant summers, experiences heavy downpour during the monsoons and snowfall in the winters.


March to June are the summer months when the temperature range is somewhere between 22°C and 35°C. Many tourists prefer visiting Dharamshala at this time to beat the summer heat and enjoy the scenic trails with blooming flowers. This is the perfect time to explore outdoor activities like trekking and adventure sports!!


Dharamshala experiences very heavy rainfall between July and September and along with the mountains at its greenest, create a beautiful romantic environment around the region.


The temperature start dipping from mid-October and by December winter has fully arrived in Dharamshala. Winters are chilly with temperatures dipping below -1 °C . But the mesmerizing view of the snow-clad mountains and the occasional snowfall makes it a beautiful time to visit. Just remember to carry enough winter clothes to protect yourself from the chilly wind!!